Sunday, January 31, 2010

Way Back When

I came across this old photo when I was going through a drawer in my desk. Why it became mislaid with a few other things, I have no idea !! I don't remember why I even have it, but it is a wonderful old picture of my Mom and Dad and Mom's sister, Bertha with her husband Lyle. Mom's handwriting is on the back plus a stamp from a film processor in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. So, I think maybe this is what happened !! These two couples look young, happy and in love. By looking at Mom and Dad, I think the photo would have to have been taken in the early to mid 1930's. Bertha and Lyle were married after Mom and Dad and maybe came to Iowa from Ohio on their honeymoon, then the four of them took a trip together to Wisconsin to visit relatives there. I love the guys dressed up in their suits and ties. Those were the days when people dressed in their Sunday best anytime they went away from home !!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Bird Book

I was inspired to create a second "Bird Book". This one, I am going to list on EBay with 50% of the final auction bid to be donated to "A Place to Bark". Of course, you know about this artist, Bernie Berlin, and her mission of animal rescue, For anyone else who reads my blog, they can find information at . I do have high hopes that someone will appreciate my art, but, I especially hope that someone will have a generous heart and appreciate the cause.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chinese New Year

When I picked Hilery up on Friday for our "weekly" bonding, I asked her if we shouldn't go to the Bellagio Conservatory to see the Christmas scenery. When we arrived, we found it to be roped off and everything being renewed for the Chinese New Year plantings and decorations. It was amazing the number of people at work plus watching all the plants being rolled in for them to use. I was sorry to have missed the Christmas "show", but, will be anxious to return for the completed show of plantings and decorations.