Sunday, September 25, 2011

Perfume Bottle Collection

I'm not sure when or why I fell in love with small decorative perfume bottles !!  A couple of years ago, I looked at the printer's boxes, the china cabinet, and on an antique meat platter (belonged to my G'ma Hanle) on a shelf in my upstairs bathroom and  counted 88 bottles. I think there may be a few more, though --  it may be time for a recount !! These are only a few and they are the ones in the china cabinet.  Most of these were gifts from you and Willa.  Some of them are old, most are newer -- the green one in the center photo, I purchased at an antique store in Pahrump--the silver one in the bottom photo, I purchased at an antique mall here in town. I think some of the newer, decorative ones came from there, also.  I didn't keep a record of where each and every one came from -- maybe, I should have.  Some of them do have a memory attached, though !! Years ago, I loved wearing Cinnabar perfume -- your Dad liked it on me, too !!  The bottle on the bottom left in the second photo, was in a gift box along with a perfume spray, bath talc and lotion in that scent - a present from from your Dad !!  This may have been where the love of the small vials started !!  Or, was it that mini Opium perfume bottle?? (displayed in one of my printer's boxes, post 11/20/08)-- that was in a gift box from him, also.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Little Vases

I was going through and cleaning out the storage part of my china cabinet and found many things I had forgotten about.  Out of sight, out of mind, it seems !! These two sweet little 4" tall Lefton bisque china vases were part of the collection on those shelves.  I'm not sure about the origin - I just know they were among my Mom's treasures in the colonnade cabinets in that big old farm house -- not antique, but, date back to the 70's or 80's.  I made room for them on one of the glass shelves -- I couldn't hide them back in the dark.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Antique Snuff Bottle

This antique Asian snuff bottle mysteriously showed up in my china cabinet !!  I don't know the history of the bottle, but, it is in perfect condition.  My brother had been here from Iowa for a visit.  A couple of weeks after he left, I was looking at the collection of things I have in that cabinet, saw this and wondered "what in the world is that" ?? Anyway, I gave him a call to thank him as I knew that was where it came from.  His response was "you just now seeing it"?  Donald is one to surprise a person every so often with his generosity.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One of Many

A dreaded job was finished today !!! I haven't cleaned all of the collectibles or the glass shelves and mirrored backs in my china cabinet in what seems like forever.  Fortunately, furniture and "knick-knacks in my house don't accumulate a lot of dust !!  While I was in the process, I took photos of items that still needed an explanation !!  Before I started cleaning, I thought I might not put everything back -- maybe even dispose of a few items !! That was a fleeting thought !!!  As I took each thing off the shelves, memories of why they were special took over.  There was no way anything was going into a charity box !!  This plate was one I purchased in 1979 on my first trip to Germany when you and Bob were in Heidelberg.   It is just a pretty collectible that I fell in love with when I saw it.  Back on the shelf it went !!