Thursday, July 29, 2010

Art Journal Cover

This is the cover of my art journal that is in the midst of being created. The on line class has been an awesome journey, so far. Since this is a completely new experience for me, my cover and pages mimic the art work of the teacher, I am loosening up a bit, but, not nearly as much as I hope to. My journal is in altered book form and I am sure I will have pages left after all of the classes have been completed. It is then that I will see what kind of creativity and imagination I can conjure up on my own !! The stamps on this cover are some that were in the box of "goodies" from my blogger friend, June.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun Mail Day

My sweet blogger friend, June, at, follows and comments regularly on my posts. She not only creates beautiful art, she also offers free art and pictures on another blog, I recently mailed her some fun things from my stash of laces. This beautiful thank you card, along with two atc's and a gorgeous little box of fun embellishments arrived for me in yesterday's mail all the way from the UK. I enrolled in an on-line art journal workshop that began last week, so now, I have some new fun things to add to my pages. I especially love all the postage stamps.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Walking on the Beach

I am getting settled in back home after spending almost a month in North Carolina visiting and doling out TLC. Walking on the beach, wading along the shore, searching for seashells, and just enjoying the experience, at peace with the world -- It has been nearly 50 years since my bare feet have walked in the sand of an East coast beach !! I often wonder what Virginia Beach is like these days compared to "back then". I remember writing in the sand was just as much fun ! On one side of the yard and out the back door of the little cottage we lived in, was a "hedge row" of gardenia bushes -- a sight and smell to behold that summer of 1961.