Friday, January 21, 2011

Dote On Me Ever

Haven't been doing too much artsy lately, but, decided to create some Valentines and this was my first. I have used printed scrapbook paper, which happened to have Mom's name in the upper right hand corner, onto a blank greeting card, cut out roses from another piece of scrap book paper, a premade paper photo frame and a couple other odds and ends for embellishment, all distressed with Tim Holtz' Vintage Photo ink. The photo is my Mom -- the one my Dad carried in his wallet of his "sweetheart", which I thought suited Valentine's Day perfectly. Inside, is the verse, Love Me, by John Wilby which expresses how I saw my Dad in his feelings for Mom.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Cute Little Gift

This little guy was a Christmas gift from my grand-daughter, Hilery. She has been creating these little stuffed animals and characters this past year or so, and I ooh and aah over every one of them. She uses mostly fabric from socks and every one of them is just as cute and perfect as they can be. The hat covers his teddy bear ears and I am a teddy bear fan, for sure ! Plus, red has always been my favorite color, so, it was a perfect gift for Gramma !!