Monday, June 29, 2009

Mom's Crewel

This is another piece of my Mom's needlework that I have hanging in my "multi-purpose" room. Mom had sent this piece home with me one time to give to my friend, Willa. Mom and Willa never met face to face, but did visit each other on the phone occasionally. They felt like they knew each other with me being close to both of them. When I gave the needlework piece to Willa, she immediately had it framed and had a brass name tag with Mom's name made for it. It hung in her bedroom for quite a few years. When Willa's health started going downhill, she asked me to take it as she thought I should have it rather than someone in her family. Mom was so very accomplished with her needlework and seamstress abilities. I am always in awe when I look upon her work !!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last night, I attended a long awaited concert !! Yanni Voices was all and more than I imagined it would be. My seat was front row and nearly center. I purchased my ticket through PBS, so it had an added perk of meeting the vocalists before the show. I now have an autographed program !! My only regret is that I wasn't able to see Yanni's last appearance in Las Vegas before he cut his hair and shaved his mustache !!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Fun Gift

Look at that big grin on your Dad's face !! This stuffed toy Wiley Coyote was one of his most favorite things you ever gave him. That Wiley went everywhere with him. It was the first of many Wiley Coyote items through the years. The time was the Chrismas of '83 at G'ma and G'pa Schultz's house and one of very, very few times the entire family was together.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tied to the Chair

Here I am at a few months old tied into a chair with a dishtowel !! Mom told me that I always wanted to be where there was something going on in the house, so this was her solution to keep me happy and still be able to get all of her chores done !! I think I still like to be "where the action is" !! Better not try to tie me down, though !!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Vintage Rifles

Your Dad brought these two rifles home from your G'ma and G'pa J.'s home when G'ma Ruth moved to the Eastern Star Home. They hung above the fireplace in their basement family room for as long as I can remember. They moved into that newly built home in 1956, the year I started dating your Dad. The only history I have is on a piece of paper I wrote on as your Dad told me about the things he had brought back. The rifle (according to my notes), is a Winchester 22 that G'pa J. purchased for $12.50 shortly after he and G'ma were married in 1934. I made no notes about the double-barreled shotgun. It was likely something G'pa had gotten at a farm sale, as he had quite of collection of vintage things on shelves in that family room. They now hang on a bit of wall space above my computer niche.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sweet Snookums

I love this piece of art that I put together about three years ago - I was inspired by another artist's creation, although it is a totally different theme. It started with a $1, unfinished wood frame from Micheal's. The photo is my Mom and Dad on their wedding day in 1933. The hangar is part of a three strand necklace - ephemera includes vintage lace and buttons and a World War II ration stamp. When us kids were going through Mom and Dad's personal things after Dad passed away, we found letters they had written to each other before they were married. Dad was working for a farmer in Iowa while Mom was still in South Dakota... I was scanning through, reading bits and pieces of a few letters when I came on one that Dad had closed with "from your daffy-doodled, swan-eyed, sweet snookums". It brought us a good-natured giggle and the recollection of hearing my Dad call Mom "Snooks" now and then. This endearment was undoubtedly something special between the two of them. And then, there was the first dog I remember us having on the farm. He was called "Snooky" -- I like to think there was a loving reason for that !!! I have included a copy of that part of that letter on the back of this creation.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wiley's and Bears

Your Dad's collection of Wiley Coyotes are all sitting in this old piece of luggage along with some of my bears in a corner in my bedroom. Whenever your Dad traveled in his truck, some of the Wiley's always went with him. I think he especially liked the one that has the suction cups on his paws and could be stuck to the back window. The old suitcase is circa 1930's, I think. Willa was going to throw it out and of course, I couldn't let that happen !! It has made a perfect home for all these stuffed animals !!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Stairwell Gallery

All the photos in the stairwell gallery are a constant reminder of days gone by !! When I dust and clean these, I spend that time with joyful and sorrowful memories. Sometimes, as I go up or down the stairway, I will stop and look at a particular photo. Some of them, I can recall the exact happenings of the time they were taken. The portrait of you at about age one, (lower left corner) -- a photographer was making door to door stops in the mobile home park we were living in on the Navy base in Rhode Island. The cost was $14 and I just happened to have a few dollars stashed away in a drawer -- you know, the hidden stash kind of cash that the women in our family have a habit of doing !! I believe there would not have been a one year portrait if it had not been for that door to door salesman. Would I let him in my house today ?? Probably not !!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Family Reunion

Here we are in South Dakota in 1959 with my Grandma and Grandpa Hanle. Every August, my Mom's side of the family, the Heckel's, have a family reunion, I think still to this day. This was only one of two that I can remember ever attending. This was around the time your Dad was "out-to-sea" with the Navy and we had parked our little 8' by 27' mobile home at G'ma and G'pa's mobile home park in Ohio for those months. You and I were there for about a year before your Dad was then stationed at Oceana, Virginia. I often remember my G'ma commenting on my little ears when I was just a kid. She said "tiny ears were a sign of stinginess". So, whenever I have a feeling of not wanting to share something of mine, G'ma's image pops into my mind !! It's strange how certain comments from people in your life remain with you all of your life.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Key to My Heart

I was looking at artwork for sale on EBay this morning and there was a little ATC titled "Key to My Heart" which jogged an old memory. I pulled out your Dad's briefcase where I keep a lot of his jewelery and mementos. I was looking for this, thinking I had remembered seeing it in his little black jewelery box. It is a funky little gold, worn paper key. It has even been repaired with some scotch tape. One of the first gifts I ever gave your Dad when we were dating was a wallet which had a spot for a spare key. This golden key was in that spot and I had written on the back of it "Key to my Heart". I have no idea how long he carried that wallet or if he transferred this to future wallets, but, knowing he kept it "forever", brought tears to my eyes !! He was always a way more tender hearted guy than he wanted anyone to know.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Me ? Organized ??

Being organized is not one of my qualities !! Especially since I no longer go to an 8 hour a day paying job every day !! It seems, "There is always tomorrow", but, then comes the day my grand-daughter says "We should create something next week instead of shopping". This means I have to get into my multi-use room and make room for two of us to have table space !! Most of the organizing I have spent most of the day doing was very much needed, anyway, and I found so many things I had forgotten about. Plus, I am getting really inspired for the project we have decided on. I am still a l-o-n-g way from being "organized" !!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Drawers of Lace

These drawers in this little rattan table are packed full of lace and crocheted pieces. Some new, some vintage, some really pretty, some just so-so. If I live to be a hundred, I would never be able to use the entire collection !! BUT, there is always just the right piece to go onto whatever I might be creating !!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Turquoise and Silver

Your Dad had this necklace custom made for me in the late 70's. I can't remember if it was for a birthday or Christmas, but, his gifts were always well chosen and pleased me -- even when he didn't have you around to help him, anymore. It seemed he alway "knew someone who knew someone" for just the right thing, too !!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Vintage Gift

Your Dad gave me this "turquoise" pendant necklace for my birthday when we were dating during our high school years. That would make it a vintage piece since that was way back in the "50's !!! It is purely costume jewelery, not the real thing. I really loved this piece and wore it a lot. While we were living in Oklahoma, I became very fond of turquoise jewelery-- the real stuff !! So, more gifts from your Dad coming up !

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mimosa Morning

The mimosa tree outside the front courtyard is in full bloom and hummingbirds come and go taking nectar from the flowers. This tree has to be a hardy guy -- a few years ago, the gardeners cut it back to the stump as it was dying. The following spring, new shoots came and it is nearly as full with branches as when we moved in over 20 years ago. I sat out this morning, reading the Sunday newspaper and watching the hummingbirds feed. Your Dad would have enjoyed the sight !!

Friday, June 5, 2009

A June Bride

June 5, 1954, before I knew your Dad, his sister, your Aunt Joan, married LaVerne. That is your Dad on the far right. I look at this photo and wonder if Joan was allowed to help pick out her wedding gown. Knowing what she has told me about her mother picking out all of her apparel when she was growing up, I think I will have to ask her about this !! At the time I started dating your Dad in high school, Joan and Verne had two little girls and I was called on to babysit quite often. I guess being Dad's girlfriend was good enough reference !!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I purchased these two pieces at an Okinawan pottery factory when your Dad was working there in 1982. The factory tours were always an interesting thing to do. Of course, I love the "powder box" and it sits in my downstairs bathroom, filled with cotton balls. The little vase is at home in the china cabinet.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summertime at Bellagio Conservatory

Hilery and I made another trip to Bellagio last Friday after we had breakfast together. The conservatory has been redecorated for the summer and the Fourth of July. The Ferris wheel was "fabulous" with every seat filled with pots of sunflowers. I don't believe anything they do there will ever out do the Chinese New Year decor with all of the beautiful orchids of every color and size.