Friday, June 19, 2009

Stairwell Gallery

All the photos in the stairwell gallery are a constant reminder of days gone by !! When I dust and clean these, I spend that time with joyful and sorrowful memories. Sometimes, as I go up or down the stairway, I will stop and look at a particular photo. Some of them, I can recall the exact happenings of the time they were taken. The portrait of you at about age one, (lower left corner) -- a photographer was making door to door stops in the mobile home park we were living in on the Navy base in Rhode Island. The cost was $14 and I just happened to have a few dollars stashed away in a drawer -- you know, the hidden stash kind of cash that the women in our family have a habit of doing !! I believe there would not have been a one year portrait if it had not been for that door to door salesman. Would I let him in my house today ?? Probably not !!

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