Monday, June 15, 2009

Key to My Heart

I was looking at artwork for sale on EBay this morning and there was a little ATC titled "Key to My Heart" which jogged an old memory. I pulled out your Dad's briefcase where I keep a lot of his jewelery and mementos. I was looking for this, thinking I had remembered seeing it in his little black jewelery box. It is a funky little gold, worn paper key. It has even been repaired with some scotch tape. One of the first gifts I ever gave your Dad when we were dating was a wallet which had a spot for a spare key. This golden key was in that spot and I had written on the back of it "Key to my Heart". I have no idea how long he carried that wallet or if he transferred this to future wallets, but, knowing he kept it "forever", brought tears to my eyes !! He was always a way more tender hearted guy than he wanted anyone to know.

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Tammy said...

and tears to mine.