Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sweet Snookums

I love this piece of art that I put together about three years ago - I was inspired by another artist's creation, although it is a totally different theme. It started with a $1, unfinished wood frame from Micheal's. The photo is my Mom and Dad on their wedding day in 1933. The hangar is part of a three strand necklace - ephemera includes vintage lace and buttons and a World War II ration stamp. When us kids were going through Mom and Dad's personal things after Dad passed away, we found letters they had written to each other before they were married. Dad was working for a farmer in Iowa while Mom was still in South Dakota... I was scanning through, reading bits and pieces of a few letters when I came on one that Dad had closed with "from your daffy-doodled, swan-eyed, sweet snookums". It brought us a good-natured giggle and the recollection of hearing my Dad call Mom "Snooks" now and then. This endearment was undoubtedly something special between the two of them. And then, there was the first dog I remember us having on the farm. He was called "Snooky" -- I like to think there was a loving reason for that !!! I have included a copy of that part of that letter on the back of this creation.

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