Sunday, November 30, 2008

Honored !

You, my wonderful, artistic, talented, creative, beautiful daughter at honored me with this award yesterday. Rules are to nominate five more bloggers for the award. It seems I follow all of the same inspiring blogs you follow because you have led me to them ! AND, their blogs have led me to more, yet ! It also seems someone has already nominated my favorites. So, I will break the rules (which won't be the first time in my life for doing so) and just say, "Your creations, as well as theirs, continue to have me in a state of awe !" I have not posted much of my art on my blog so far, as that was not on my agenda for it's daily postings. We'll see what the future brings !! Will someday (maybe) run out of mementos to write about. Doubtfully, will I run out of memories !!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cover the Butter

A stick of oleo will fit on the plate of this covered butter dish, but, doesn't look nearly as nice as those formed pieces of homemade butter that my G'ma Hanle would have placed on it ! When my Aunt Bertha and Uncle Lyle were moving to Indiana from Ohio sometime in the 80's, my Mom went to Ohio to help them sort through some of G'ma and G'pa's belongings. They had a small barn full of stored "artifacts" and Mom came back to Iowa with a truckload of things that were memorable to her. This pressed glass butter dish was one of those items. I keep it handy in the kitchen cabinets and use it regularly. It was another one of those "Can I have this, Mom?" things, and as usual, she didn't say "No" !

Friday, November 28, 2008

Swan Song

I have always considered this "swan bowl" to be my "steal of the century". In the mid- 60's, I visited my very first garage sale held by a neighbor on Marshall St. in Tulsa. There on a table sat this unusual piece of glass. What in the world would I ever do with it ? BUT, it had a tag of 10 cents attached. No way could I NOT buy it !! I have often thought of putting an arrangement of flowers in it for a centerpiece. In the meantime, through the years, it has been home on different shelves and now in my china cabinet. I often see one similar when shopping antique malls, but never for just 10 cents !!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Beary" Old

If any one were to ask me how I became obsessed with teddy bears, I would have to tell them it is all your fault !! Were it not for this "Gramma" Wish Bear with her cute little face and sweet pink shawl, gifted to me by you after Hilery was born, would I have gotten so carried away with collecting them ? Who knows if there would have been bears everywhere and anywhere in my home ? Many have been gifts and many I have purchased because it was "love at first sight". A few are very special, like these two !! Through the years, I have actually given some away to homes where I know they will be loved and cared for. There are other bear lovers besides me !! "Gramma" bear is home among friends in an open vintage suitcase in my bedroom. The suitcase was given to me by my old friend and neighbor, Willa M. The little "panda" is my childhood teddy - 68 years old this year. A bear sits on each of my stair steps and he has the top stair, of course !!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dad's Hats

Your Dad's favorite hats hang in the entry hall, a constant reminder of his personality and his presence in my life. The felt hat was donned every race night -- one of his "good luck" charms. One of his fans beaded the band for him, another gave him the pheasant feather. The pins were added as he came across them, each one having some personal meaning to him. The "Avon Man" hat came about after he retired. He would come home from his favorite bar, Pepper's, with Avon orders for me to fill. The girls that worked there were some of "his" best customers. I ordered and gave this hat to him as a gift one Christmas, mainly just for fun, but, he wore it nearly every day wherever he went. The colorful golf hat underneath is a mystery to me. It was one that he liked to wear occasionally, though. He had a collection of hats, most of which I gave away and hopefully, they have become special to whoever is wearing them today !

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BIG Fish

G'ma Lottie called this "Jonah and the Whale" --A glass fish measuring 18" long and 10" high with an old man figurine inside. He pretty well holds the center of attention in my china cabinet !! G'ma had this piece on a coffee table in her living room and I always thought it was very unique. I believe she purchased it at a local jeweler's store. Eckstein's in Boone was one of the family's favorite stores when they were searching for something unique and different. When G'ma died, I was asked if there was anything of hers that I would like to have. This was what I asked for. I kept it displayed on coffee tables in my living rooms of a couple of different homes we lived in. When we bought and moved into the present abode, "Jonah" has been at home in two different china cabinets, one I originally had when we moved here, and the one I replaced it with about 9 years ago. At Christmas time, Jonah loses his place to two little porcelain poinsettia figurines.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Jars of Memories

More "stuff" on top of my kitchen cabinets !! These are all vintage Ball and Atlas quart jars except for one, which is a bi-centennial commemorative made by Ball Glass Co. That one, I purchased. Mom and Dad always went to farm auctions - Dad would invariably bid on and win a box of mixed items just to get one thing in that box that he wanted, My brother has followed those footsteps ! That is one of the reasons there was always so much "stuff" in different places on Mom and Dad's farmstead. Most of these jars came from that collection. I may have picked one up at an antique mall -- their origins are all vague, but they have made nice homes for a collection of marbles that came from G'pa P.M. and costume jewelry that was G'ma Lottie's. The marbles in one jar are handmade clay and very old is what G'pa told me when I saw them on his shelves and questioned him about them. All of the marbles came to us after G'pa died. G'ma Ruth had the box of G'ma Lottie's jewelry out one day for all the girls to pick out something - I have forgotten how I ended up with the left-overs - maybe she was going to pitch them and I talked her out of it. Whatever the case, I have fun looking the pieces over every so often !

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Treasure Dig

When my brother and I made that trip together to South Dakota in the late 70's, we went on a little "archeology dig". Uncle Donny had heard in some family story-telling about a dump site at a dry creek bed on the Schultz family farm. Uncle Lloyd led the way showing us the site, handed us a couple of shovels and gave us the go-ahead. Back in the "old days" on the farm, there were no garbage trucks coming around to pick up your refuse and trash. A bonfire every so often got rid of the flammables, the rest was put on a "junk pile", buried in a hole, or dumped at some non tillable spot on the farm. We came up with a few treasures that day, wondering why G'ma and G'pa would throw away these wonderful things !! Haven't we all thrown away or given away something, later regretting it, wishing we had it back ?? BUT, just how much "stuff" can a person keep ?? We just have to let it live in our memories and forgive ourselves. Hopefully, someone else is getting enjoyment from it !! This 7" crock was my find that day, along with a green depression glass water pitcher. They were dirty and grimy. The crock was filled with old lard and had a couple little chips on it. The water pitcher had nary a crack in it ! They were perfect ! Donny found a tin that had army memorabilia in it, having belonged to one of the uncles during World War II. You have the pitcher and my brother kept the tin. My little lidded crock, (minus the lard), sits on the landing at the top of my stairs along with other stoneware crocks and jugs, most of which have their own stories to tell.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vintage Perfection

This doll is one of my most prized possessions !! She was a gift from my Mom, along with the curio she is displayed in. Sometime in the late 70's, Mom purchased 3 antique porcelain doll heads. Wigs were found, along with new hands, feet and bodies. She and her friend, Jessie, both wonderfully accomplished seamstresses, proceeded to put these doll pieces together and dress them. One for me, and one each for my brother and sister. Nearly every seam, bead, lace attachment, flowers and bows are hand-stitched. I have found only one little bit of machine stitching on her petticoat. She has pantaloons and a hoop skirt, also, hand-stitched. I cannot imagine the endless hours these two women spent together creating these beautiful dolls. AND, the patience for all of the perfection in the intricate hand-stitching !! Truly, a labor of love ! Some of the satins have yellowed a bit over the years, but she remains as beautiful as ever. I never had the privilege of meeting Jessie. I believe she was one of Mom's favorite people in her world, so, I have named this doll for her. "Jessie" is in the curio at my front entry to greet all who enter my home.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's Print Again

My other printer's box is slightly larger, 16" x 24", and hangs in the downstairs bathroom. All of the little "collectibles" are held tight with some tacky stuff. The Opium perfume bottle on the top row is the one that got me started on liking the mini-perfumes. It was a gift from your Dad one Christmas, my favorite (and his) perfume ! Many of the little bottles were given to me when people found out I liked them. A couple of them are Lalique's, on the top row are two antique bottles picked up on a shopping excursion, some bottles are men's colognes. There are three vintage rouge tins and a brass key, flea market finds, a compact given to me by my boss when I worked as a cocktail waitress, and some Swarovski crystal animals. The little red dog has a movable head - a gift from Gladys, that same farm wife friend of Mom's, that gave me the plastic name pin. The pink barrette on the bottom row was one Mom used to put in my hair, the brass one, a flea market find. Amber dog's name tag, 4-H mementos, a fence staple, porcelain bear ornament from G'ma Ruth, pink plastic bear from a baby bracelet, green jeweled pin that belonged to G'ma Schultz, Mickey M. and bulldog tac pins given to me by blackjack players, a plate, cup and spoon lapel pin from my childhood, a New Hampshire souvenir spoon, and the key fob from my '80 Cougar fill some of the other spots. Just a lot of "stuff", but, fun to look at and reminisce. AGAIN, not much fun to clean !!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last Call for Alcohol

Sometime in the late 70's or early 80's, (again my memory is failing me) your Dad decided to become a bar owner !! I don't even remember the name of it now, but, it was where we went every Saturday night after the stock car races. The place came up for sale and he was in business. It only lasted about a year - I think he found he wasn't cut out to hire and fire barmaids, plus, it was more fun to be the customer than the owner !! This bi-centennial Coors framed advertising mirror is a remnant of that venture. It hung on a wall in that bar and now is home on a wall in my craft/office/guest room. Wish there would have been something like this with Budweiser advertising since that was your Dad's choice of brand to drink !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Printer's Box Mini Mementos

This 11" X 16" printer's box, picked up at an antique mall years ago, hangs on my entry hall wall along with a collage of other life mementos. It was easy for me to find small things to fill it, pack rat that I am !! The mini perfume bottles are part of a collection of many and most of them are more than 20 years old. Some of the little dogs are part of your collection that you had as a young girl. One little silver looking dog came as a Cracker Jacks box prize when I was 7 or 8 years old. Two of the brass thimbles were my Mom's and one was my G'ma Hanle's. I have a bit of paper stuck inside them with their names. The rest of the thimbles were found at antique malls or estate sales. A wood thread spool and bobbins from Mom's treadle sewing machine, a boot whittled by a friend of your Dad's, a couple of "lucky" coins and Ginger's dog tags fill spots. At the one room country school I attended from kindergarten (we called it primary grade) through 8th grade, we drew names for gift giving at Christmas time. Terry Beckman drew my name and gifted me with the pretty decorative goldtone pencil. My first locket, something every little girl of the 40's era had, lays in one spot. My "baby ring" that once had a red stone in it and another childhood ring, lay in another spot, along with a "friendship" ring that I believe was yours. The plastic "Virginia" once had a pin back on it, a gift from one of Mom's farm wife friends, when I was 4 or 5. The pewter horse, a memento of a weekend trip your Dad and I took to stay at the Colorado Belle in Laughlin back when companies would comp rooms for their employees. The brown pocket knife was your Dad's when he was a kid and he carried it for many years. I had the little white one on a key chain for years, but, don't recall where it came from . The small gold one was my G'pa Hanle's. A fun and perfect place for small mementos - not much fun to clean !

Monday, November 17, 2008

Treasure Hunt

We love browsing around those antique malls, hunting for treasures, don't we ? And those little out of the way antique stores and junk shops are fun, too !! These days, that browsing is like a trip down memory lane. Facing the reality of my age when I see "my things" in antique stores ! What's up with that? "Oh, Mom had one of those ! I wonder what happened to it." OR, "I" had a set of those bowls, but only one has survived" ! Sound familiar ?? What is really fun is when you find something and the price is just right. A few years ago on one of my visits to Wichita, we were in this little out of the way antique store ( I think it was more of a junk store). In a little back room, on the back corner of a low shelf, sat this pretty little cup and saucer, covered with dust and grime, saying "Pick Me". No, I didn't need any more stuff, yes, I could live without it, BUT the masking tape price tag said 25 cents ! I couldn't let it stay there on that shelf with all that other old dirty stuff ! How pretty it looks all cleaned up and sitting in my china cabinet !

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Flowers for You

This little 7" tall flower vase has been around as long as I can remember. It had been stored away and forgotten on a shelf in Mom and Dad's basement. On one of my visits and again helping Mom do some cleaning, I came across it, remembering how Mom always had flowers in her garden and how she would bring a bouquet into the house on occasion. This was the vase that held that bouquet. Of course, "Can I have this, Mom?" came out of my mouth. Mom never said "No" to my requests. I think it made her happy to know that her special things meant something to me. The vase sits in my china cabinet. I do bring it out every so often when a neighbor allows me to cut an iris, or another neighbor says "Come cut some roses". I am thankful for neighbors with "green thumbs" !!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just Ducky

Two of these little fellows live in my home. This one, filled with vintage marbles, likes sitting atop my kitchen cabinets. The other one alit in the upstairs bathroom ! The "bathroom duck" became home for your Dad's loose change when he would empty his pockets at the end of the day. When the duck would get a belly full, Dad would cash the change out and start filling him up again. What did he do with that cash ? I would say one of two things -- bought rolls of quarters to play poker machines or bought rolls of quarters to play poker machines !! ( His favorite retirement pastime ! ) G'pa P.M. crafted these wooden ducks with plexiglass "wings" about 20 years ago. Where his idea came from, I haven't a clue. There is a pattern for the duck hanging on the wall over your Dad's workbench in the garage. I am guessing Dad thought he might craft a couple of ducks, too.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pickle Dish

This pretty little 8" long piece was once my G'ma Hanle's. My Mom called it a pickle dish ! There are so many beautiful vintage glassware pieces that defy explanation. Your imagination is unlimited as to what they could have been used for. For me, this would have been something I saw in the store and that particular day, I just couldn't live without it ! Mom brought it home from Ohio when she and her sister were sorting through G'ma's things. I spent a lot of time with Mom and Dad in the early 80's when your Dad was traveling a lot with his job. During one of my "stays", Mom had me help her hang this little dish on a kitchen wall, along with a couple of other pretty plates. It remained there until I brought it to my home when my brother, sister and I were sorting through Mom's things. Mom had labeled it on the back with adhesive tape as "G'ma and G'pa Hanle's". It is now at home in my china cabinet.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wedding Cake

While on the subject of my wedding day, I remembered I had our wedding cake topper stored away on a bottom shelf of the china cabinet. It is plastic, the ribbons and flowers very discolored after more than 50 years of being stored away, not really special in looks, but still, a memento that I can't bear to throw away !! Mom placed a couple of slices of our wedding cake in the deep freezer - somewhere, she had read or heard that the wedding couple should share a slice of their cake a year after the marriage. We did eat that piece of cake, although, it was more than a year later. With your Dad being in the U.S. Navy, our early years together involved many moves. The timing of one year for "cake eating" was an impossibility, but, on one of our trips home to Iowa, Mom thawed it out and it was shared.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Red Roses

My wedding corsage, sat and dried in it's original box for many, MANY years. Too soon, May of 1976, bicentennial year, rolled around and you were graduating from high school. Someone sent you red, white and blue flowers in this glass "liberty bell" container. Those flowers withered and were thrown away, but the bell was put up on a shelf, saved, and mainly forgotten. Some years ago, I don't remember exactly when, the dried flower corsage found the "bell" to be a perfect home. Keeping a flower from a bouquet as a memento of weddings, funerals and other special occasions was something my Mom always did. We have all done it at some time or other, I suppose. Mom would place her flower between waxpaper and lay it between the pages of a heavy book to dry. Eventually, it would be put into an envelope and labeled. I suppose this corsage may disintegrate, given another 50 years, but today, it is mainly intact, with memories of my wedding day coming to mind each time I look at it. Its home is the curio end table in the guest bedroom. I wonder what became of Mom's mementos ??

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sweets for the Sweet

My sister-in-law to be, invited all of my high school girlfriends along with relatives and family friends, to the wedding shower she hosted for me over 50 years ago. Most of the gifts received were useful household items; sheets, towels, appliances, that sort of thing and all very much appreciated, but, most of which have long since worn out ! This little aluminum candy "dish" is one of the few "pretties" that remains "unworn", given to me by my friend, Jolane. I have used it very few times through the years and have sometimes wondered why I have kept it around. Maybe, because I like the thoughts that come to mind when I look at it. Young love ? A new family ? Lasting friendships ? Changing times ? How fast the years go by ? Well, I don't like that thought so much !!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Carnival Times

This 8 1/2" tall "Carnival glass" vase belonged to my G'ma Hanle. It came to me by way of my Mom. The actual origin is unknown to me - I can only surmise ! These vases were produced by Fenton Glass Co. in the early 1900's, their popularity, somewhat limited at that time. They became prizes at carnival games, thus, getting the name. Our family made a road trip to Ohio in the summer of 1948 in my Dad's brand new Ford pick-up truck. A "stock rack" had been built for the truck bed and a canvas tarp was placed as a protective roof. Then a mattress was placed in the bed of the truck to make it comfortable for my sis and me. My little brother rode in the cab with Mom and Dad. I shudder to think about this in today's world of high speed traffic !! There was a carnival in Canton that summer and the whole family went out for rides and games one day. I remember Dad winning some cobalt blue glassware and maybe G'pa H. won this piece. The blue glass was "safely" packed in our suitcases for the trip back to Iowa - one vase I distinctly remember, was broken when the suitcase was opened. Other pieces have long since disappeared. This "marigold" iridescent vase has a special spot in my china cabinet.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A "Butter" Job

Yet another step in making butter ! When the butterfat clumped up in the churn, it was removed, leaving a thin liquid behind. Butter was then placed into this wooden bowl and stamped down with the wooden paddle, getting the last little bits of liquid out. There were fancy wooden and glass forms to eventually make nice squares, rectangles and circles of butter to put on a butter dish to set on the table. I have seen them, but, don't have one, so I won't be posting anymore about butter making !! This 12" wooden bowl and paddle belonged to my G'ma Schultz and probably had many other uses in her kitchen. When we would go there to visit, it seemed like she spent most of her time in the kitchen cooking for G'pa and my Dad's bachelor brothers. Dad married fairly young compared to my uncles as most of them were in their mid and late 30's before taking a wife. Remembering stories my Dad told and looking back on those days, I think G'ma was somewhat of a domineering mother, plus, liked keeping her boys close to her. One of Dad's stories was about how his Mother thought the money he made picking corn in Iowa should all go into her pocket. Of course, he would give G'ma some money, but, never told her exactly how much he made. He was a very frugal man throughout his lifetime and had his goals set, even then. I purchased this bowl and paddle at my Uncle Lehman's farm sale in So. Dakota at the same time I purchased the copper boiler.

Friday, November 7, 2008

More butter, please !

These two stoneware butter churn crocks came from Gr. G'ma Lottie, also. They would originally have had a wood or stoneware lid and a wooden paddle. Their history can be read on the site noted in yesterday's post. I do not know any family history about them and did not even know they existed until your Dad came home from Iowa with them when G'ma Ruth was moving into the Eastern Star home. Apparently, G'ma and G'pa J. had them stored away. I had always thought G'ma Ruth didn't keep mementos - I have been happily proven wrong several times through the years !! These churns sit in my entry hall, making a great home for umbrellas and canes.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

REAL Butter

This "modern" Dazey brand butter churn belonged to your Great G'ma Lottie. They were widely used by the farm families in the early and mid 1900's. An interesting site to read about the history of the churns made by this company and how to make butter, is . One didn't go to the grocery store for butter, you made your own with that cream that was separated from the milk coming from those cows out in the barn. A "cream separator" was kind of an amazing hand pumped machine that always amazed me. The fresh milk was poured into a tub at the top, you turned the pump handle and cream would come from one spout and the "skim milk" from another. You can read about those on the dairy antique site, also. If you let that quart of fresh milk set in the refrigerator overnight, cream would have risen to the top because of all the light fluffy fat particles in it. We had one of these butter churns when I was growing up and I helped "churn" a few pounds of real butter, myself !

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Sew" Special

This 7" tall, hand operated sewing machine, Mom's very first sewing machine, was a Christmas gift to her when she was about 10 years old in the early 1920's. It has a clamp on the underside which allows you attach it to a table. The hand turned wheel originally had a wooden knob on it to ease in the rotation. When I asked Mom what kind of store would sell something like this, she said she thought it was probably ordered from a catalog. Mom was an absolute perfectionist with her sewing and needlework - it HAD to look as good on the inside as it did on the outside ! I'm sure she created some lovely things with this "machine". This was another "Can I have that, Mom?" when I was helping her with some cleaning and organizing on one of my visits. I have since had it displayed on an end table in my living room. About a year ago, as I was "dusting", I am in shock ! The little sewing machine is NOT on the end table ! "What on earth ? Where is it ? I don't remember moving it to another spot !! Someone has taken it ! Why would anyone want to steal that from me ?" I am in a frenzy, looking around for where I might have moved it. "Am I going nuts, or what?" I am going over in my mind, all of the people that have been in and out of my house and can't imagine why any one of them would take it. Then it hits me !! About 4 years ago, an upstairs water leak wreaked havoc in that room and everything was moved or packed up and away while renovation was being done. Lots of different people were in and out at that time. Surely, it had to be one of them that took it !! Mystery solved - I am depressed - there is no way to ever replace this memento !! This spring, as I was organizing for a garage sale, I open a box of stuff I have placed on a garage shelf AND there, right on top, is that little sewing machine !! OMG, I can hardly believe it ! I am ecstatic !! I am also, humbled !! Hopefully, I learned a lesson here - Don't be too quick to blame others when it is only your own forgetfulness !! I am also wondering "why did I not miss this before now?" Got to get some of those supplements that are good for the memory !! What are they called ??

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Flapper Fun

This little beaded purse was found in my G'pa's wicker trunk along with the clothes that date from the early 1900's. It looks to be handmade, to me. I failed to get any information about it from Mom, but, I think it was probably hers or her older sister's when they were teenagers. Maybe they even shared it ! I doubt that these girls went "dancing", being raised in a strict religion, but, I can picture them dressed for an afternoon social event at church or school. Those were the days -- a person didn't go away from home in jeans and a t-shirt !!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Coca-Cola Girls

Illustrations of beautiful girls attired in the latest of fashions, were shown in Coca-Cola ads starting back in the late 1800's, according to , a site with some history of the artists who created these images and more. I found this tray at an antique store in Tulsa in the 70's for $12 and we gifted it to G'pa P.M. that same Christmas. He was collecting things to display on shelves behind his bar in their basement family room and it was the perfect addition. An original sales tag on the back says "rare-40's". The tray came back to us when G'ma Ruth moved to the Eastern Star home. I have always loved these "girls", but didn't need yet another collection. Besides, I have yet to see another tray comparable to the condition this one is in. I do, however, have a Coca-Cola doll that I just "couldn't live without" purchased 8 or 9 years ago from The Franklin Mint.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

By the Light of the Oil Lamp

There was only a short time in my life that I lived in a home without electricity, but, for Mom and Dad, there were many more years as kids and as a young married couple. Dad worked as a hired hand for an older farm family for a number of years. That farmer was an influence and help to my parents in getting started with their own business of farming in the state of Iowa. They at first rented land with buildings which included a house for the family, barn for the cows and pigs, chicken coop for the chickens, and corn crib to store crops in that fed those animals. The pigs were fattened for market and some of the harvested crops were sold for income. My memory of that first farm home, we had electricity. At the age of 4, we moved to a larger rented farm of 160 acres with a larger house and buildings, AND NO electricity. The landlord agreed to have electricity wired into the buildings, but, we were there for a few months before it happened. In the meantime, these oil lamps were our source of light when the sun went down. The base of this lamp is an original one used during that time - the chimney is a replacement. This lamp comes in handy in my home today if there is an electrical failure !! It was during these early years of my life that Dad and Mom began to acquire their own land, building their empire, starting with a purchase of 40 acres.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pass the sugar, please

This pink depression glass sugar bowl and creamer were among some items found in a high kitchen cabinet when I was helping Mom do some cleaning on one of my visits about 30 years ago. I didn't remember ever seeing them or that they were ever used and when I mentioned this to Mom, she said that she just never liked them, so they were always just stored away. They were a wedding gift and of course, Mom could never just get rid of things, even if she didn't like them !! Well, me, in all my shyness, said " Can I have them?" Mom would never say "no" to her favorite daughter ! I have never used them, either, and like my Mom, can't bear to just get rid of them ! My china cabinet shelves are full because of this "inherited trait" -- each and every item having its own story.