Monday, November 24, 2008

Jars of Memories

More "stuff" on top of my kitchen cabinets !! These are all vintage Ball and Atlas quart jars except for one, which is a bi-centennial commemorative made by Ball Glass Co. That one, I purchased. Mom and Dad always went to farm auctions - Dad would invariably bid on and win a box of mixed items just to get one thing in that box that he wanted, My brother has followed those footsteps ! That is one of the reasons there was always so much "stuff" in different places on Mom and Dad's farmstead. Most of these jars came from that collection. I may have picked one up at an antique mall -- their origins are all vague, but they have made nice homes for a collection of marbles that came from G'pa P.M. and costume jewelry that was G'ma Lottie's. The marbles in one jar are handmade clay and very old is what G'pa told me when I saw them on his shelves and questioned him about them. All of the marbles came to us after G'pa died. G'ma Ruth had the box of G'ma Lottie's jewelry out one day for all the girls to pick out something - I have forgotten how I ended up with the left-overs - maybe she was going to pitch them and I talked her out of it. Whatever the case, I have fun looking the pieces over every so often !

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