Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pass the sugar, please

This pink depression glass sugar bowl and creamer were among some items found in a high kitchen cabinet when I was helping Mom do some cleaning on one of my visits about 30 years ago. I didn't remember ever seeing them or that they were ever used and when I mentioned this to Mom, she said that she just never liked them, so they were always just stored away. They were a wedding gift and of course, Mom could never just get rid of things, even if she didn't like them !! Well, me, in all my shyness, said " Can I have them?" Mom would never say "no" to her favorite daughter ! I have never used them, either, and like my Mom, can't bear to just get rid of them ! My china cabinet shelves are full because of this "inherited trait" -- each and every item having its own story.

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Tammy said...

Well, humpf! I like them!