Monday, November 3, 2008

Coca-Cola Girls

Illustrations of beautiful girls attired in the latest of fashions, were shown in Coca-Cola ads starting back in the late 1800's, according to , a site with some history of the artists who created these images and more. I found this tray at an antique store in Tulsa in the 70's for $12 and we gifted it to G'pa P.M. that same Christmas. He was collecting things to display on shelves behind his bar in their basement family room and it was the perfect addition. An original sales tag on the back says "rare-40's". The tray came back to us when G'ma Ruth moved to the Eastern Star home. I have always loved these "girls", but didn't need yet another collection. Besides, I have yet to see another tray comparable to the condition this one is in. I do, however, have a Coca-Cola doll that I just "couldn't live without" purchased 8 or 9 years ago from The Franklin Mint.

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