Saturday, November 8, 2008

A "Butter" Job

Yet another step in making butter ! When the butterfat clumped up in the churn, it was removed, leaving a thin liquid behind. Butter was then placed into this wooden bowl and stamped down with the wooden paddle, getting the last little bits of liquid out. There were fancy wooden and glass forms to eventually make nice squares, rectangles and circles of butter to put on a butter dish to set on the table. I have seen them, but, don't have one, so I won't be posting anymore about butter making !! This 12" wooden bowl and paddle belonged to my G'ma Schultz and probably had many other uses in her kitchen. When we would go there to visit, it seemed like she spent most of her time in the kitchen cooking for G'pa and my Dad's bachelor brothers. Dad married fairly young compared to my uncles as most of them were in their mid and late 30's before taking a wife. Remembering stories my Dad told and looking back on those days, I think G'ma was somewhat of a domineering mother, plus, liked keeping her boys close to her. One of Dad's stories was about how his Mother thought the money he made picking corn in Iowa should all go into her pocket. Of course, he would give G'ma some money, but, never told her exactly how much he made. He was a very frugal man throughout his lifetime and had his goals set, even then. I purchased this bowl and paddle at my Uncle Lehman's farm sale in So. Dakota at the same time I purchased the copper boiler.

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