Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's Print Again

My other printer's box is slightly larger, 16" x 24", and hangs in the downstairs bathroom. All of the little "collectibles" are held tight with some tacky stuff. The Opium perfume bottle on the top row is the one that got me started on liking the mini-perfumes. It was a gift from your Dad one Christmas, my favorite (and his) perfume ! Many of the little bottles were given to me when people found out I liked them. A couple of them are Lalique's, on the top row are two antique bottles picked up on a shopping excursion, some bottles are men's colognes. There are three vintage rouge tins and a brass key, flea market finds, a compact given to me by my boss when I worked as a cocktail waitress, and some Swarovski crystal animals. The little red dog has a movable head - a gift from Gladys, that same farm wife friend of Mom's, that gave me the plastic name pin. The pink barrette on the bottom row was one Mom used to put in my hair, the brass one, a flea market find. Amber dog's name tag, 4-H mementos, a fence staple, porcelain bear ornament from G'ma Ruth, pink plastic bear from a baby bracelet, green jeweled pin that belonged to G'ma Schultz, Mickey M. and bulldog tac pins given to me by blackjack players, a plate, cup and spoon lapel pin from my childhood, a New Hampshire souvenir spoon, and the key fob from my '80 Cougar fill some of the other spots. Just a lot of "stuff", but, fun to look at and reminisce. AGAIN, not much fun to clean !!!

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