Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Sew" Special

This 7" tall, hand operated sewing machine, Mom's very first sewing machine, was a Christmas gift to her when she was about 10 years old in the early 1920's. It has a clamp on the underside which allows you attach it to a table. The hand turned wheel originally had a wooden knob on it to ease in the rotation. When I asked Mom what kind of store would sell something like this, she said she thought it was probably ordered from a catalog. Mom was an absolute perfectionist with her sewing and needlework - it HAD to look as good on the inside as it did on the outside ! I'm sure she created some lovely things with this "machine". This was another "Can I have that, Mom?" when I was helping her with some cleaning and organizing on one of my visits. I have since had it displayed on an end table in my living room. About a year ago, as I was "dusting", I am in shock ! The little sewing machine is NOT on the end table ! "What on earth ? Where is it ? I don't remember moving it to another spot !! Someone has taken it ! Why would anyone want to steal that from me ?" I am in a frenzy, looking around for where I might have moved it. "Am I going nuts, or what?" I am going over in my mind, all of the people that have been in and out of my house and can't imagine why any one of them would take it. Then it hits me !! About 4 years ago, an upstairs water leak wreaked havoc in that room and everything was moved or packed up and away while renovation was being done. Lots of different people were in and out at that time. Surely, it had to be one of them that took it !! Mystery solved - I am depressed - there is no way to ever replace this memento !! This spring, as I was organizing for a garage sale, I open a box of stuff I have placed on a garage shelf AND there, right on top, is that little sewing machine !! OMG, I can hardly believe it ! I am ecstatic !! I am also, humbled !! Hopefully, I learned a lesson here - Don't be too quick to blame others when it is only your own forgetfulness !! I am also wondering "why did I not miss this before now?" Got to get some of those supplements that are good for the memory !! What are they called ??

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Tammy said...

"The inside has to look as good as the outside." Words to live by! The saga of the little sewing machine, never ending! Love T.