Sunday, November 9, 2008

Carnival Times

This 8 1/2" tall "Carnival glass" vase belonged to my G'ma Hanle. It came to me by way of my Mom. The actual origin is unknown to me - I can only surmise ! These vases were produced by Fenton Glass Co. in the early 1900's, their popularity, somewhat limited at that time. They became prizes at carnival games, thus, getting the name. Our family made a road trip to Ohio in the summer of 1948 in my Dad's brand new Ford pick-up truck. A "stock rack" had been built for the truck bed and a canvas tarp was placed as a protective roof. Then a mattress was placed in the bed of the truck to make it comfortable for my sis and me. My little brother rode in the cab with Mom and Dad. I shudder to think about this in today's world of high speed traffic !! There was a carnival in Canton that summer and the whole family went out for rides and games one day. I remember Dad winning some cobalt blue glassware and maybe G'pa H. won this piece. The blue glass was "safely" packed in our suitcases for the trip back to Iowa - one vase I distinctly remember, was broken when the suitcase was opened. Other pieces have long since disappeared. This "marigold" iridescent vase has a special spot in my china cabinet.

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