Monday, November 17, 2008

Treasure Hunt

We love browsing around those antique malls, hunting for treasures, don't we ? And those little out of the way antique stores and junk shops are fun, too !! These days, that browsing is like a trip down memory lane. Facing the reality of my age when I see "my things" in antique stores ! What's up with that? "Oh, Mom had one of those ! I wonder what happened to it." OR, "I" had a set of those bowls, but only one has survived" ! Sound familiar ?? What is really fun is when you find something and the price is just right. A few years ago on one of my visits to Wichita, we were in this little out of the way antique store ( I think it was more of a junk store). In a little back room, on the back corner of a low shelf, sat this pretty little cup and saucer, covered with dust and grime, saying "Pick Me". No, I didn't need any more stuff, yes, I could live without it, BUT the masking tape price tag said 25 cents ! I couldn't let it stay there on that shelf with all that other old dirty stuff ! How pretty it looks all cleaned up and sitting in my china cabinet !

1 comment:

Tammy said...

Pretty is an understatment! You have a knack for seeing what's underneath the grime!