Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dad's Hats

Your Dad's favorite hats hang in the entry hall, a constant reminder of his personality and his presence in my life. The felt hat was donned every race night -- one of his "good luck" charms. One of his fans beaded the band for him, another gave him the pheasant feather. The pins were added as he came across them, each one having some personal meaning to him. The "Avon Man" hat came about after he retired. He would come home from his favorite bar, Pepper's, with Avon orders for me to fill. The girls that worked there were some of "his" best customers. I ordered and gave this hat to him as a gift one Christmas, mainly just for fun, but, he wore it nearly every day wherever he went. The colorful golf hat underneath is a mystery to me. It was one that he liked to wear occasionally, though. He had a collection of hats, most of which I gave away and hopefully, they have become special to whoever is wearing them today !

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