Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pickle Dish

This pretty little 8" long piece was once my G'ma Hanle's. My Mom called it a pickle dish ! There are so many beautiful vintage glassware pieces that defy explanation. Your imagination is unlimited as to what they could have been used for. For me, this would have been something I saw in the store and that particular day, I just couldn't live without it ! Mom brought it home from Ohio when she and her sister were sorting through G'ma's things. I spent a lot of time with Mom and Dad in the early 80's when your Dad was traveling a lot with his job. During one of my "stays", Mom had me help her hang this little dish on a kitchen wall, along with a couple of other pretty plates. It remained there until I brought it to my home when my brother, sister and I were sorting through Mom's things. Mom had labeled it on the back with adhesive tape as "G'ma and G'pa Hanle's". It is now at home in my china cabinet.

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Tammy said...

Just catching up on the last several days, posts. All are wonderful. I barely remember getting flowers in that bell shaped glass, but glad it has a purpose. I remember the little dish hanging in Grama's kitchen, too. I don't know what ever happened to my wedding cake top/topper and bouquet... I'm happy you still have yours. I'm not so good at keeping things I supppose.