Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wedding Cake

While on the subject of my wedding day, I remembered I had our wedding cake topper stored away on a bottom shelf of the china cabinet. It is plastic, the ribbons and flowers very discolored after more than 50 years of being stored away, not really special in looks, but still, a memento that I can't bear to throw away !! Mom placed a couple of slices of our wedding cake in the deep freezer - somewhere, she had read or heard that the wedding couple should share a slice of their cake a year after the marriage. We did eat that piece of cake, although, it was more than a year later. With your Dad being in the U.S. Navy, our early years together involved many moves. The timing of one year for "cake eating" was an impossibility, but, on one of our trips home to Iowa, Mom thawed it out and it was shared.

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