Monday, November 10, 2008

Sweets for the Sweet

My sister-in-law to be, invited all of my high school girlfriends along with relatives and family friends, to the wedding shower she hosted for me over 50 years ago. Most of the gifts received were useful household items; sheets, towels, appliances, that sort of thing and all very much appreciated, but, most of which have long since worn out ! This little aluminum candy "dish" is one of the few "pretties" that remains "unworn", given to me by my friend, Jolane. I have used it very few times through the years and have sometimes wondered why I have kept it around. Maybe, because I like the thoughts that come to mind when I look at it. Young love ? A new family ? Lasting friendships ? Changing times ? How fast the years go by ? Well, I don't like that thought so much !!

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