Sunday, November 30, 2008

Honored !

You, my wonderful, artistic, talented, creative, beautiful daughter at honored me with this award yesterday. Rules are to nominate five more bloggers for the award. It seems I follow all of the same inspiring blogs you follow because you have led me to them ! AND, their blogs have led me to more, yet ! It also seems someone has already nominated my favorites. So, I will break the rules (which won't be the first time in my life for doing so) and just say, "Your creations, as well as theirs, continue to have me in a state of awe !" I have not posted much of my art on my blog so far, as that was not on my agenda for it's daily postings. We'll see what the future brings !! Will someday (maybe) run out of mementos to write about. Doubtfully, will I run out of memories !!

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