Monday, December 1, 2008

Mom's "Wild Roses" for me !

This beautiful crewel embroidery art hangs in my guest bedroom. This room also serves as my office and "art studio" and is most usually found in disarray ! Fortunately, I can close the door on it ! We all know of Mom's beautiful needlework - every stitch was perfection and the backs and insides of her creations were as neat as the front and outside ! She spent countless hours embroidering beautiful pillow tops when her arthritis pain would not let her do much else. Her "bent" fingers were still able to handle needles and threads and allow her to create these gorgeous pieces of art. One summer, about 15 years ago on one of my visits to Iowa and "home", she was showing me all of the pieces she had finished. I saw these three pieces with the roses and told her that I thought they should be framed and hung, not made into pillows. Of course, she knew what I was thinking -- Could my Mom ever say "No" to me ?? I spend many of my retirement hours in this room these days, dabbling in my paper arts. When I let my eyes rest on these "wild roses", peaceful memories of Mom and "home" are brought to me.

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