Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It was 1957

You will find this "wedge wood" blue formal prom gown in my closet. I wish I could say the same for the shoes - those are the ones you loved to play in when you were a little girl -- the ones with the clear plastic, flower etched high heels !! Why was I in my prom gown at what appears to be Christmas time ?? Every year in December, a Christmas Formal Dance was planned and held at Ogden High. I had already worn this to the Junior-Senior prom that spring and would wear it again in the spring of '58. Before the prom in 1957, Mom had taken me to Fort Dodge to shop for this and I fell in love with it on the hangar - I just hoped it would fit ! Oh, but the price - oh, my - $35 - that was a LOT of money !! Mom will never go for this !! It would be more economical to buy the fabric and make a dress. But, a deal was made !! I could have it if I didn't ask for another new and different one for the formal dances I would be attending in my senior year of high school. It was never hard for me to say yes to a deal with Mom when I really, REALLY loved or wanted something ! And, it was never difficult to stick to the deals. Also, we kids always knew "a deal was a deal" and there was never any backing out of one !! Your word and Mom and Dad's, were as good as a written contract. There would not be any whining about it later. I only wish I would have had more occasions to wear this dress. It was always "just right" each time I did wear it !!

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