Monday, December 22, 2008

A Handsome Family

There are not many photos of the three of us together and not one formal family portrait !! What could we have been thinking ? In 1962, we certainly weren't thinking about how short life really is, because we had our WHOLE lives ahead of us !! My Mom took this photo out on the east side of their house - it was probably shortly after your Dad was discharged from the Navy when we settled in Iowa for about a year. Your Dad had gotten a job with the natural gas company in Ogden. We were living near both sides of the family for the first time since we married. We had no idea what the rest of our lives was holding in store for us and I don't believe we even thought about it !! Your Dad was just glad to be out of the Navy. This photo is special to me because we three are together in it and because we are wearing matching dresses and shirt. Your Dad loved for me to sew his shirts and when I made this one of peach and white gingham check, I made dresses for you and me of the same fabric. We were all "dressed up" with someplace to go !!

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