Monday, December 15, 2008

Special Jewelery Box

This ornate brass and glass, hexagon shape box was amongst the things that once belonged to my G'ma Hanle. My Mom brought it back from Ohio in that truckload of things from Aunt Bertha's, and of course, it was love at first sight for me !! I really didn't think Mom would let me have it, but, she did !! The jewelery that I display in it are vintage pieces I have purchased at the antique mall shopping trips -- pieces that I "just couldn't live without" !! A pair of G'ma Lottie's earrings, a teddy bear pin, and a tiny green glass kitten have found a home in this box, also. It sets on my dresser in my bedroom and when I am dusting and cleaning, I always spend a little extra time on it - just admiring it, because it is beautiful and special, as are the pieces within it !!

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