Thursday, December 11, 2008

Catch the Crumbs

Another wedding present to my Mom and Dad ! In the "good old days" of always having a nice tablecloth on the kitchen table, rather than taking it off after every meal to shake the crumbs, this little combination was used. Scrape the crumbs into the "catcher", throw them out ! So easy !! I don't remember ever seeing Mom use this -- I just remember it always being on display on a dresser in her bedroom. We did, however, always have a tablecloth on our kitchen table. It would be removed after a meal and taken outdoors to shake any crumbs off... Those tablecloths were usually made from those printed cotton feed sacks that the meal for the chickens came in. The "egg man" not only picked up the fresh eggs laid by our chickens, but, he also delivered feed for them. It was always fun to look at his load of feed in those pretty cotton sacks - Mom would try to get 3 or 4 sacks with the same print so she could make herself or us girls dresses. When she saw one that she loved and there would be only one sack with that particular print, a table cloth or apron would be made. "Feed sack dresses" - Mom would see a dress in a store, then go home and make her own pattern. She would sew our dresses to be more beautiful than any she would have purchased ready made !! AND, at a mere fraction of the cost !!!

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