Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pot of Beans

Great G'ma Lottie told that this wonderful stoneware bean pot had been in her family for 150 years when it was given to G'ma Ruth and G'pa Paul in 1967. They passed it on down to your Dad on his birthday in 1980. For once in my life, I wrote the information down and stored it inside the pot. Wish I had done the same with a few other things - certainly can't depend on my memory for specifics !! I found similar pots when researching, but, nothing exactly the same. Inside the pot, I have stored a few old paper mementos from family dealings--a hog feed contract dated 1950 and receipt that it was paid in full, two savings account booklets from the 40's that belonged to my Mom and Dad, three receipts for sugar purchases in 1942 when sugar was rationed during WWII, and a WWII stamp album that was your Dad's. These could be filled with 10 cent "war stamps" purchased at school or post office, then exchanged for a $25 savings bond. It has $1.40 worth of stamps in it --I'm sure it would be worth way more than that to a collector. The pot was difficult to photograph with the shiny surface wanting to reflect everything around it. It is deep brown, almost black, in color, measures about 7 1/2" tall, and is home in my china cabinet. There is still room inside for more mementos !!

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