Monday, December 8, 2008

The Four "B's"

I like to call my fetishes "the 4 B's" -- bears, boxes, butterflies, and books, the books being altered ones, of course ! Before I retired, it was the "3 B's" !! I began collecting and creating those altered and handmade books in 2005. Of course, anyone who enters my home instantly knows that I love bears. The butterflies appear here and there throughout my house and I love using them in my creations. The boxes - another story !! They must be decorative in some way or contain music and not be too large. It is also fun to find something inside them. I especially like the few vintage powder boxes I have collected over a number of years and this is one of them. The box is amber colored glass with a celluloid lid and it came with the matching manicure tools and button hook -- a set picked up on one of our antique mall excursions about 5 years ago. We do have fun just perusing all the booths at those malls, don't we ? Now and then, there is something I "just can't live without" !!

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Tammy said...

those are definitly one of the prettier things you've found. I've always enjoyed antiqing with you. It would drive Hilery crazy, when she was little, though!