Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Remembrance

Gifts were exchanged from under this Christmas tree for 13 seasons. I was shopping at our Sears store one day back in the late 60's when their decorations for the holidays had just been put on display. I saw this tree with all of its trimmings and it was love at first sight ! I HAD to have it !! Then I saw the price !! $100 and that was just for the tree !! It was the trimmings that made it so pleasing to my eye and to purchase all of them would be over another $100. I stood and looked and pondered and pondered some more !! I didn't have that much cash that day and couldn't put it on the credit card. Your Dad would not appreciate that !! I decided to put it on lay-a-way. I could get it paid for out of my tip money before Christmas -- Yep, I could do that !! I was so happy the day I was making the last payment and bringing it home. OOPS !! It was a one piece tree - the branches were hinged -- the box would not begin to fit in the car or the trunk of the car. I had to go back home and get Dad's truck. When I finished putting it altogether and your Dad was admiring it, his first question was " How much did that tree cost you ?" Well, I DID tell him how much the "tree" cost !! It was years later when I told him the true story of my favorite Christmas tree.

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Tammy said...

I remember how much you loved that tree, and I did too, you went CRAZY over it that day you saw it at Sears! That was really expensive but we sure enjoyed it! Well worth the price.