Monday, December 29, 2008

My "Notorious" China Cabinet

You know this story well, but it is worth retelling !! A consignment furniture store in the strip mall across the street from my complex was a favorite haunt. A few pieces of furniture that some people no longer wanted in their homes came to live in mine !! This is one of them. The first time I saw this cabinet, I could not take my eyes off it. It was exactly what I needed for my collection of family "heirlooms" and "things" I had collected through the years, AND I loved the design. The price was a bit more than I wanted to pay that day. Several visits later, the price had been reduced. It was still a bit more than I wanted to let go of. Then one day, I had been at a casino with a friend playing poker machines. It was a lucky day as I won a really nice jackpot !! On my way home, I stopped at the store I loved to haunt with the intention of spending my windfall -- and spend it, I did ! The nice surprise was that the price had been reduced on the cabinet a bit more ! Another lucky win for the day, plus, if it didn't sell for that lowest price the owners were willing to go, they were going to take it back to their home the following week. This piece of furniture was destined to live in my home from the first day I laid eyes on it !!

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June said...

Its absolutely Beautiful Ginny, Gorgeous rich colour and very unusual.
Some things truly are destined , i believe :)
Hugs June