Tuesday, December 9, 2008

To Dance

When Willa was unable to shop for gifts last Christmas, she had me wrap and mail some of her precious belongings to a few different relatives. A figurine to one niece, a necklace to another, and two of her beautiful LLadro's to two of her great-nephews. These were some of her very favorite relatives and she wanted them to have something that was special to her, hoping that it would be the same for them. She knew that I loved her LLadro's also, and asked me to pick one and wrap it as my Christmas gift from her. This little ballerina that stands about 10" tall on her mahogany pedestal, is the one I chose because I had just the right spot in my china cabinet for her. Willa, my dear neighbor, was always so very generous to me throughout our 20+ years of friendship. I miss her and all of her beautiful holiday decorations this season. She loved this time of year more than anyone I have ever known.

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