Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Enjoying the Remnants

Yesterday, I had big plans to organize and store my Christmas ephemera. Well, it didn't happen !! I guess the thing I enjoy most about altered art is the fact that you can sit down at a table full of bits and pieces and create a work of art, so instead of organizing, I created !! The background on this ATC is part of the cushion from a box of candy - I distressed the "little bubbles" by dry brushing blue acrylic paint and added a piece of lace, also distressed, over the top of it. I have a plastic bag attached to the side of my craft table where bits and pieces of fabric and ribbon get placed. There was just the right bit of blue ribbon and a small piece of organdy fabric that worked for the "bow". A page I had torn from a mail order magazine had this sweet little picture that worked just right. The snowflake and rhinestone added the finishing touch. Also, working on another winter piece that will take me awhile to finish, so things won't get stored for awhile yet !! I guess if all I had were scissors and glue, I could find things to put together to become something new !!

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