Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year, 2009 !!

What better day than today to look at this ornate wine glass and carafe set !! Your Dad purchased this at the PX in Okinawa in 1982. We used it once !! The last time I took everything out of the china cabinet to clean and shine, I broke one of the glasses and of course, I was devastated. I thought about not using the wood tray for display because now there was an empty spot, but, it is part of what makes the set unique. I always think of Willa when I accidentally break something that I treasure. I was helping her with some cleaning one day. She was washing the knick-knacks that I had taken off a high shelf for her and she broke one of her collector plates. Her remark was "Well, just one less thing to clean". So, I TRY to look at it in that light way, even though I berate myself for being so clumsy !!

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