Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blue Ruffles

It was difficult to capture the beauty of this vintage blue ruffled bowl. This is not a family heirloom -- I purchased it from one of my older neighbor gals, Vi, who was letting some of her family pieces go. When we first moved into our townhouse in '86, Vi, her two sisters, plus one friend, lived together down the street from us. I called them the "Golden Girls", because they reminded me so much of the sitcom by that name. The two sisters had died, the friend had entered an assisted care home, and Vi was left alone. With no other family to leave things to, she just wanted someone to have some of her pieces that would appreciate them. She knew I loved antique things !! It was very difficult to make a choice -- she had so many gorgeous pieces and I would have liked to have had them all, as if I NEEDED any !!! This bowl does look beautiful sitting in my china cabinet, though !!

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