Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Navajo Rug

This little 2' x 4' Navajo rug does not begin to go with another thing I have in my house, but, I love it anyway !! Mom had it laying over the back of one of her chairs in the formal living room for years. It was one of those souvenirs brought back to her by her parents, my G'ma and G'pa Hanle, when they made a driving tour through the Southwest sometime in the 1950's. They gave my sis and I each a turquoise bracelet. This is another of those "Mom, can I have this?" and of course, the answer was never "No". It was always fun to have G'ma and G'pa come to our house. G'ma would always con my sis and I into brushing her hair - she loved it and so did we. It was always funny to us, too -- she would go to sleep sitting up and start snoring. We had a terrible time to keep from laughing and waking her up !!

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June said...

Oh this is lovely Ginny. I love the story behind it too. I think i am turning into a grndma that likes her hair brushed too :)
Hugs June x