Thursday, January 29, 2009

May 20, 1958

Being tagged by my blog friend at http://junesartyretreat/, shortened my decision making time on what to post today. The rule was to go to your photo albums on your pc, open the 6th album, choose the 6th picture and explain, then tag five others. I had already posted that particular photo, so chose the next one. I have always regretted not having formal portraits of our wedding day. My sister's husband fancied himself a photographer and took many shots at the ceremony and at the reception. At the end of the evening, he found that he had forgotten to take the cover off the lens of his camera. Fortunately, there were other people taking shots with their Kodaks and all of the best moments were captured. We were so young and so happy-- ( tagging five is a difficult task for me -- check the blogs I follow for some wonderfully creative artists)

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June said...

And so beautiful Ginny. This is a gorgeous picture my friend.
Hugs June xxx