Friday, January 2, 2009

My Friend, Willa

This is one of my favorite photos of my friend, Willa, taken in 2001, at age 90. Can you believe it ?? What an amazing woman she was !! She was so photogenic -- point a camera at her and the picture was always perfect. She was a model for advertising when she was a teen and in her 20's. She once told me that she doubled for Betty Grable's legs. Her first husband would not allow her to do any housework for fear of losing contracts that featured her hands in advertisements. She knew Neil Diamond when he was a shoe salesman before his career took off. She had barely a wrinkle in her face when she left this life last year at age 97. She would have made a great statement for any skin care company, but always owed her beautiful skin to Avon. She was my friend and neighbor for over 20 years and I miss those morning coffee get-to-gethers. She always had a good story to tell !!

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