Monday, January 12, 2009

Avon Calling

Buying Avon products is how I came to know my wonderful neighbor and friend, Willa. One of the first weeks after we moved into our townhouse, an Avon brochure appeared on my doorstep. I called to order a couple of items and found out the representative lived right across the street from me. Willa said "Come right over here so I can meet you". We became instant friends then and there in 1985. In 1989, her husband became ill and it was difficult for her to keep up with her Avon sales. She asked me to sign up and take over her customers -- I became the local Avon Lady !! These are only a few of the sixteen Mrs. Albee figurines that I have earned by selling a particular quota of products. They are all very beautiful and probably worth nothing to anyone but me !! The gal in the yellow was my first one in 1990. I have given one away to a friend who has brought me many orders through the years from her co-workers. I did not pursue selling on purpose and I have yet to go door to door to try to build sales, but have met many wonderful ladies and made some great friends because of it !

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