Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Goosey Gander

Goose or duck ? This ceramic guy was a gift from my friend, Willa, and he sits under an artificial "tree plant" in my bedroom. She loved duck figurines and had one sitting on her pass through where we had our morning coffee and chats. I was always petting that duck. For my birthday a few years ago, this one appeared !! When she was a young girl, they had a few ducks in their back yard. She told the story of cleaning out a liquor cabinet, thinking all the wine had been there too long and was probably not good to drink. Not wanting to waste it, she poured it over the ducks' mash in their feeding pans. Soon, the ducks were reeling and falling down. She called her neighbor over to see if he knew what was wrong with them, When he found out what she had done, he just stood and laughed. She had drunken ducks !!


June said...

Awww a goose lol ... Ginny i have tagged you here

Hugs June x

Tammy said...

I eremember that story, it was hilarious to hear Willa tell it!

Ginny said...

I would always beg her to tell this story to anyone that hadn't heard it. Even in her last few weeks of life, she could tell it perfectly.