Friday, January 16, 2009

Louise Ann

It was 1948 and the Montgomery Wards Christmas catalog arrived in the mailbox. We kids spent hours looking at all the pages, deciding what we were going to ask Santa for. When I saw the picture of this doll and read the description, I knew this was one thing I would like to have. She was 19", the size of a newborn, and she came with the wonderful layette. AND, her lambskin hair was just so adorable. When I showed it to Mom, her first remark was about cost -- a whole $21. That was a LOT of money for a doll !! "But, look at all the stuff that comes with her !" -- "Well, you know we have to pay Santa for what he brings." -- "But, this is all I really, really want, Mom !" -- "Well, if Santa gets that for you, there won't be another thing under the tree for you." -- "Mom, I don't care if I get anything else, and I won't ever ask for another doll if I can have this one -- I just want this doll." I don't remember ever wanting any toy of any kind as much as I wanted that doll. Christmas morning came and there she was, under the tree !! AND, there was not ONE more thing for me. Santa had honored Mom's word !! I didn't care. A "deal" had been made and I was probably the happiest kid in the world that day -- and, many days thereafter. Louise brought me many hours of enjoyment as a child -- I treated her as if she were a real baby most of the time. Through the years, Mom made some beautiful clothes for her. "Louise" is 60 years old now, stored away in her suitcase with her wardrobe and my memories.

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Tammy said...

...and I remember playing with her at Grama's house when I was little. She was THE first thing I wanted to get to when we arrived. And, imagine how special I felt, when at 8 years of age, she appeared under OUR Christmas tree with a new wardrobe made by Grama! I have been thinking I need to get her out, dress her up and take her photo. Maybe I just will!!