Sunday, January 18, 2009

Patchwork Pillow

If I recall correctly, Mom's friend, Jessie, made this pillow for her. Some of the fabric pieces are familiar to me, so Mom must have shared some of her scraps. I love all the intricate and different embroidery stitches that were used. When we came back from Okinawa, your Dad was doing a lot of traveling with his job, so we really didn't have a home for about a year. I based myself at Mom and Dad's and would spend time with your Dad when he would be working somewhere for more than a two week period. This pillow fascinated me, so I went through all of Mom's old scrap fabrics that year and picked out pieces that I knew she had made clothes for each one of us kids. I put together a pillow for my brother out of pieces left from shirts and pajama she had made for him -- then one for my sister from pieces left from clothing that had been made for her. I always intended to make one for myself also, but, that project is still on a back burner. I wish I had taken photos of the ones I made and gifted -- they were fun to put together and contain a lot of memories !

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