Friday, January 30, 2009

Your Dad - A Middle Child, Too

This Johnson family portrait is circa 1949. Your Dad, like me, was a middle child. He most certainly added "spice and flavor" to his family, being "the filling" for the sandwich !! The men in this family were quick-witted, always ready with a "smart" come-back in any conversation or situation. Joan has always told me that I was the sister she never had. When your Dad and I returned from our short honeymoon trip, your G'pa Paul met me at the door with a risque joke I have never forgotten. Your G'ma Ruth once paid me the highest of compliments when she told me that she could not have hand-picked a better wife for her son. I could not have purposely chosen a better family to be a part of !! Joan, Douglas and Timothy -- don't they all have the look of the cat that just ate the canary ?? Impish and ready to get into some kind of mischief ??

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Tammy said...

A very handsome family, indeed, for us a to be a part of!