Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ginger Jars

These porcelain ginger jars are mementos from our days spent in Okinawa during the early 80's. The larger one measures about 6" tall -- I purchased it at a store there on the island in the city of Naha. The time we spent there was the first time in many years that I did not have a job to go to everyday. This was a huge change of lifestyle for me in more ways than one. Not only did I leave my two lovable dogs behind with my parents, I left friends I had known for 18 years. I also left a thirteen year career of hair styling and make-up artistry. My clients were not happy, but they survived as did I. I adjusted to the culture shock and made new friends. Life was good ! Wandering all the wonderful shops in town and the stores on the military bases became one of my enjoyable pastimes. The smaller black jar is a cloisonne design and was a going away gift from the ladies who had become my friends while we were there.

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