Sunday, February 1, 2009

Homemade Sauerkraut

The sun is shining through the security bars on the patio window for an interesting composition, this morning. This is your G'ma Schultz's "sauerkraut crock". Every season, in my Mom's garden, was a row of cabbage. I don't remember ever having coleslaw -- BUT, I do remember the smell of cabbage fermenting and becoming sauerkraut !! She would have this crock and a larger one, filled to the brim with shredded cabbage and brine. This was topped with an upside down china plate and a brick, then sat in the basement, curing and waiting to be sealed into pint and quart jars. There has never been any better sauerkraut than Mom's homemade !! Your Dad cut a plexiglas piece to fit the top of this crock, so it makes a nice spot for a basket of ivy. Inside the crock now ?? A collection of matchbooks, most of which are from Las Vegas casinos and hotels. There are a few from other places around the world.

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