Monday, February 16, 2009

Paul and Ruth

August 18, 1934, your paternal grandparents wedding day !! Before they knew it, they were celebrating their 50th anniversary. We were in New Hampshire that year with your Dad's job. For their gift from their 3 children, airline tickets were purchased for them to come visit us. They waited until October for the fall foliage season to make the trip. We had a wonderful time driving around through the country side and into Vermont and Maine during their stay. Autumn in the northeast area of the U.S.A. is definitely a sight to behold !! A sight-seeing day trip to Boston was also on the agenda, plus, of course, a Maine lobster cook out !! It was the best of times !!!

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Tammy said...

I REALLY appreciate having all of the dates!!!!! This one of my favorite photos. They look SOoooooooo happy. I always thought Grama Ruth was a bit 'spoiled' until one day she told me, "I would live in a tent, as long as Paul was there." Then I realized they made a good life for each other. Not a surprise that either set of my grandparents couldn't live without their 'other'.