Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lottie's China

This is a dinner plate from the set of china we inherited from your Great G'ma Lottie. The pattern is called Harvest Gold and is by Sango of Japan. I could not find any history on this company, but, found many of their items for sale. From what I recall, this set of dishes was purchased a few pieces at a time as a grocery store premium. I haven't seen this kind of offer in a number of years, but, grocers used to offer dinnerware, pots and pans, and other kitchen items at premium prices when you shopped with them. This is a lovely set that she used every day. It was used at the first meal I ever had in her home before I became part of the family in 1958, so it is well over 50 years old. There are more than 12 pieces of each dinnerware piece, plus several different serving pieces and accessories. I used the dinnerware for special occasions only, for many years, but, now have it in the kitchen cabinets for everyday use. A fairly simple design, but, elegant and always a reminder of golden times !!

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