Sunday, February 8, 2009

Century Farm

This framed certificate hangs in a collage of items on a wall in my entry hall. The farm your Dad grew up on had been owned by the Johnson family for a full century in the year 1993. Aunt Joan, his sister, still lives on the homestead and a portion of that farm land was part of our inheritance. The house and a few other buildings have been replaced through the years, but, the big old barn remains the same. So many of the small farms throughout the country have sold out to large farm corporations, so it is unique to find land still owned and operated by 3rd and 4th generations of a family. The farm land lays next to a major highway and around that year, the state wanted to take a large part of the land for an interchange and widening. Joan and Verne fought the state, tooth and nail, and won their case. Consequently, the Century Farm is intact.

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