Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Gifts

Today is my birthday and as usually happens, I get to have more than one party. Between family and friends, celebrations happen all week long. Special thanks to my creative girls, you, Tamera, (and Bob) for this LOVELY quilted heart (and the punch and stamps), and, Hilery, (and Adem) my dear grand-daughter, for the altered mini-jar with "fun money" inside. I have art hanging in my computer cubicle, so the heart will find a home there. My friend, Sharon and I, attended the auction yesterday. On my way home, I stopped to play my favorite poker machine with my "fun money" and luck was with me a little bit !! The $20 is now $200, so now, I have even more fun money !!! Thursday evening, the family treated me to dinner at Memphis Barbecue -- tonight, my girlfriends are treating me to Italian fare at a restaurant that overlooks the city. I will see if I can figure out something more to do in the next few days to continue my celebration. Please, just no one remind me of how old I am !!!

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