Sunday, February 15, 2009

Estate Auction Rooster

I think I have found my new Saturday pastime !! I have attended farm estate auctions in Iowa and South Dakota with my parents and brother, but, yesterday was my first time to go to an auction here in Las Vegas. This auction house is not too far from home and they have a sale every Saturday with a variety of new and old items every week. I stayed through the entire day watching what other people were bidding on and occasionally making a bid myself. This week end, Willa's belongings were included in the sale. It has been almost a year since she died and it was sad for me to see her lovely furniture and collections being sold for a fraction of what they were worth. Hopefully, the new owners will love and enjoy their purchases and let the collectibles become family heirlooms. I walked away with this one purchase - it is not antique, but a lovely piece, regardless. Willa's kitchen decor was blue and white and this 16" rooster sat on top of her refrigerator along with a few other blue and white pieces of porcelain. I remember when she mail ordered this guy and at auction, I paid way less than a quarter of what she paid for it originally. Had I not purchased one thing, the day was full of new experiences and interesting people -- a day well spent !!


Tammy said...

Of course! He is adorable!!! Oh..... how I wish we could make it a mother/daughter Sat. passtime!!! How fun would that be?

Ginny said...

For sure, fun !! And I thought haunting garage sales was interesting. Good buys and surprises to be found everywhere, if you know where to look !! AND, we really need more stuff !! LOL